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"You’re putting up your fucking alliance members? You fucking dumb-asses!" 

I want Kenny as weak as possible for this upcoming HOH competition.

Emmy Rossum for Esquire Magazine January 2014

Neda slayin’ Kenny in back to back HOH’s. 

Heather: Neda went all buck, it was hot.
Jon: When she’s angry she is so sexy.

Queen Neda

“When Game of Thrones started audiences didn’t really take to Sansa. And I would read the reviews and that was a very sad time for me. I am a very sensitive person. But then season three came along and everything changed. That was the best. I’ve become very defensive of my character.

JON: Make me another promise, If you ever do (want to cry) in this game, come find me. Whether it’s tonight, and I’m in that room (have-not room). I’m just saying, at any point in this game. 
NEDA: You gotta promise me the same thing, even though you don’t cry.
JON: Promise.